Mahadev wheelchair accessible vans

Mahadev wheelchair accessible vans

About Mahadev Wheelchair Accessible Van Conversions

Mahadev Metal Works & Fabrications

Unit 124, 125 - 11071 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC V6X 1T3

We are proud to provide wheelchair access vehicles for private and commercial use since 1999.

Our products are crash tested to meet compliance with CMVSS / FMVSS (Canadian Moto Vehicle Safety Standards / Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and CSA D409.

We are also a recognized member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Inc in Canada as well as the United States.

Our main objective is to provide safe, convenient, affordable and reliable mini vans of individuals with disability, who require the use of a wheelchair or a scooter to be mobile.

At Mahadev we have a wealth of information for first time wheelchair accessible van customers. The main benefits offered by us include our knowledge and experience with disabilities and the products that best meet their challenges. We are here exclusively to help you with the purchase of your handicap van conversion. We encourage you to go through our list of Wheelchair Mini Van Conversions and contact us for more information. Call us at 1 888-378-4067

Our conversions are all equipped with Q'Straint, restraint belts and anti-slip flooring.


Our plant is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

These are some of the many vehicles we provide modifications to:

Toyota Sienna 

Dodge Grand Caravan

Kia Sedona
Restricted Mobility?
If you have the need for affordable and dependable transportation look no further.
We offer vehicle conversions with those needs in mind.
We can provide new and used conversions with a choice of rear or side entry.
Our conversions are used by many personal, taxi and service industries.
Our vehicles are manufactured with your personal needs and safety in mind.
Give us the opportunity to show you how our conversions can improve your ability to travel around your world.

What We Do
The rear entry conversion provided by Mahadev MMW&F is acclaimed by our valued clientele for being the least intrusive conversions available. Our envied construction process ensures the integrity of the vehicle frame to the original specifications as when it came off the production line.

Mahadev MMWF does not compromise the tensile strength of the vehicle.

We do not cut the frame. Instead, we cut a lowered floor channel between the frame rails. This procedure allows the original "ride" of the vehicle to remain unchanged.

Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia
As a proud member of NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association), all Mahadev conversions are crash-tested to meet and surpass government regulated CMVSS and FMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards/Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) as well as maintaining compliance with the ADA/D409 regulations for commercial transportation vehicles in Canada and the United States.